Official Statement regarding CS:GO Roster (07/11/18)

We are aware of many accusations regarding CS:GO main team player Bevve and would like to address these in this statement.

At Luxor, we do not tolerate any type of cheating, exploit or toxicity whilst playing under Luxor and this is made clear to all players, whether it be CS:GO or any of our other Esports teams. This is a given fact among many Esports organisations including Luxor. We pride ourselves on being a friendly, transparent community and recent actions from Bevve go against what we believe in here at Luxor.

After looking at all evidence provided, we can confirm that, unknowingly to the organisation, Bevve was using a smoke exploit which allowed him to see the outline of enemy players through smokes. It may be argued that this is an ‘exploit’ rather than a cheat, but the nature in which this was performed resulted in Bevve gaining an unfair advantage which, all in all, is cheating. Since this incident, we have been made aware that other main team member Slunixx was involved in providing information and influencing Bevve to download the cheats. There is no evidence of Slunixx using this exploit, but chat logs suggest there were talks of these exploits/cheats being used in future official matches and involvement of this kind is not accepted here at Luxor.

We are currently only aware these were used during four ESEA Pugs. ESEA are currently looking further into the case before making a statement on Luxor’s spot in ESEA Main. We are also aware about our recent CEVO Gfinity Spring Series Amateur final win versus BaeconGG. As of yet, we have had no contact from CEVO and have no evidence to prove that any types of cheat/exploit were used to gain an unfair advantage in this league. If any future updates occur, we will be first to announce these.
Due to the actions of Bevve and Slunixx, Luxor have released them indefinitely from the main roster as of Wednesday 7th November 2018.
After conversations between the remainder of the roster (CrePoW, Xaka and Niiso) and myself, we are sad to announce the remaining three players have decided to step down from the organisation in order to complete in this season of ESEA Main and consider their options for the future.
We would like to say a huge thank you to long serving players CrePoW and Xaka for the hard work and dedication they have put into providing Luxor with a CS:GO team over the past 6 months. It has been an honour to work alongside them and we wish them nothing but the best in the future wherever their journey takes them. I speak for everyone in Luxor when I say they will be missed.

As an organisation, we will now take some time to evaluate the situation and our options for the future. I would like to apologise for any problems this matter has caused to any individual, team or organisation. We have followed every appropriate step in order to resolve this issue in a way that we believe is professional and informative and I hope this situation does not reflect negatively on the Luxor brand.

If anyone has any concerns, information or questions, please get in touch with me via @Luxor_Esports or @ColesyDan. You can also email via

Coles (Luxor Esports Founder)

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