CEVO Gfinity Spring Series 2-1 Victory vs Rurnbles Esport

Yesterday the main CSGO team for Luxor Esports (CrePoW, Kyle, Bevve, Jco, Manty) managed to convincingly win 2-1 against Rurnbles Esports in the Gfinity Cevo Amateur Open; securing $750, a spot in the finals and also a spot for the main league. I spoke to CrePoW (the in-game leader for the team) to find out how he and the others on the roster managed to win and make the organisation proud.


Hey CrePoW, how are you feeling after the win against Rurnbles Esports?

Feeling great, although we ended up winning 2-1 we were confident before the game since we played them before and understood that we were the better team. But yeah, it was an exciting bo3.


Are you ready to play the finals?

Since we’re most likely playing one of the teams we played either in the semis or in the upper bracket final we are quite confident in winning, especially since we got an advantage by winning the upper bracket


What do you think of Luxor Esports as an organisation?

I don’t think there’s a better organisation to start with, this is the first time i really played under an org and from seeing other teams having some terrible experience playing under an org that’s just in it for the money I don’t think i could be any luckier with Luxor, also the support from everyone around Luxor is great and of course Dan is helping us out a lot with everything.


Thank you for the interview.


– written by guycalledZero


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